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Los cardenales Burke, Brandmüller y Müller, y el papa dictador

En las últimas semanas se han publicado tres entrevistas a otros tantos eminentes cardenales. La primera la concedió el pasado 28 de octubre el cardenal Walter Brandmüller a Christian Geyer y Hannes Hintermeier del Frankfurter Allgmeine Zeitung; la segunda la concedió el 14 de noviembre el cardenal Raymond Leo Burke a Edward Pentin del National Catholic Register; y la tercera, del cardenal Gerhard Müller, se publicó el 26 de noviembre en el Corriere della Sera, realizada por Massimo Franco.

El cardenal Brandmüller manifestó su inquietud por la posibilidad de que se produzca una división en la Iglesia.

El cardenal Burke, que ha declarado que se mantiene en contacto con su homólogo Brandmüller, ha hecho una nueva advertencia «sobre la gravedad de una situación que cada vez se vuelve más grave»

Por su parte, el cardenal Müller afirma que hay peligro de que se produzca un cisma en el interior de la Iglesia


Pro-life Anglican theologian asks: Is the Pope Catholic?

The time has come to question whether Pope Francis is a liberal Protestant, a noted Anglican theologian said in a recent essay.

Orthodox Anglicans and other Protestants hoping to resist “the apostasies of liberal Christianity” have for decades counted on Rome and the Catholic Church for moral and theological support, said Gerald McDermott.

“Most of us recognized that we were really fighting the sexual revolution, which had co-opted and corrupted the Episcopal Church and its parent across the pond,” he wrote. “First it was the sanctity of life and euthanasia. Then it was homosexual practice. Now it is gay marriage and transgender ideology.”

Sacerdocio traicionado

Los Padres de la Iglesia, entre los varios rasgos que señalan para describir al sacerdote católico, remarcan sobre todo y reiteradamente su condición de «hombre de Dios».

Lamentablemente hoy por hoy, son muy pocos quienes poseen una comprensión cabal de la grandeza del sacerdocio católico.

German Catholic archdiocese promotes fornication, abortion, to 15-year-old girls

German Catholics are protesting a program endorsed personally by the archbishop of Berlin that gives “practical tips” to Catholic sex educators on how to teach children about their “sexual rights,” advising them that adult sex with a minor is permitted, as long as it’s “consensual,” and outlining the process of obtaining an abortion.

The program also seeks to eliminate “taboos,” “prejudices,” and “stereotypes” regarding various forms of sexual deviation, including homosexual behavior and masturbation, treating such impulses as part of a person’s identity. At the same time, it seeks to resolve the “tension” between such behaviors and the Catholic Church’s “official” doctrines on human sexuality.

Vatican Cardinal: Youth synod will help the Church ‘change its ways of doing things’ 

Cardinal Farrell suggested that the youth synod will help bring change to the Church.

Cardinal Kevin Farrell, appointed by Pope Francis to head the Vatican’s life and family dicastery, told young people during a televised youth forum that aired Sunday that the Pope wants to hear the voice of young people to bring about change in the Church.

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