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On liturgy and orthodoxy, the synod document forgot our voices

We expressed our affection for the Extraordinary Form and the Church’s hard teachings. The official write-up downplayed both

This year’s synod, the 2018 Synod of Bishops on Youth, Faith, and Vocational Discernment is slated to begin in October, but the preparation has already been underway for months.

By and large, members of the Facebook groups voiced a desire for orthodox teaching and reverent liturgy, including specific references to promoting the Extraordinary Form. On the writing prompt concerning the resources in the Church which promote spiritual growth, I counted over almost 30 specifically mentioning the Latin Mass. The basic tenor of the comments was the same: the youth’s ordinary experience of the Sacred Liturgy in the post-conciliar Church left them wanting something “more”, and many of these young people found their desire for transcendence and awe within the Extraordinary Form, a desire that could not be satiated by banal folk music and anthropocentric liturgical behaviour.

Regarding Church doctrine, the vast majority of the youth expressed the importance of right belief, sound moral teaching, and not shying away from some of the hard truths of the Catholic faith. As the period for commenting came to a close, I and several others were confident that the final document would reflect our concerns.

However, when the final document was released and made public, it seemed as if an entire group of the youth was simply ignored.



Ola de saqueos estremece a Venezuela, van 107 casos en once días

La desesperación ya había forzado a miles de venezolanos a hurgar regularmente en las bolsas de basura de las calles en busca de algunas migajas para comer, una práctica que se ha vuelto demasiado común en un país doblegado por la escasez y la hiperinflación.

Pero ahora el escalofriante rostro del hambre está llevando a cientos de venezolanos a salir a las calles a saquear las tiendas y los camiones de transporte, en una escalada de violencia que está obligando a los negocios que aún tienen productos a cerrar sus puertas y que en un breve espacio de tiempo ya ha de dejado una alarmante estela de muertos, heridos y detenidos.

En los primeros once días del 2018, Venezuela registró 107 casos de saqueo en 19 estados de la nación petrolera, dijo el viernes el Observatorio Venezolano de la Conflictividad Social.

Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos insta a avalar el matrimonio homosexual

Agencia AFP

La Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CorteIDH) instó a reconocer el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo y extenderles los mismos derechos que se otorgan a las parejas heterosexuales, en una decisión divulgada este martes.

Schools are now the breeding grounds for radicalizing kids into transgender activists

U.S. schools are intentionally promoting transgenderism to children, putting “Gender” studies alongside reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The New York Times reports that schools like Puget Sound in Seattle are making “gender studies” a featured part of the curriculum.

“…schools like Puget Sound are altering their policies to include transgender kids and, more broadly, to make gender a deliberate part of the curriculum. Students are leading the way, driving schools to adopt more inclusive teaching methods,” the Times wrote.

Facebook rejects photo of Vatican nativity scene for being ‘sexually provocative’

ROME, December 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Facebook has nixed a photo of this year’s Vatican nativity scene, referencing its policy against “sexually suggestive or provocative” images, Breitbart reported.

The Vatican crèche was donated by the ancient Abbey of Montevergine in the Campania region of southern Italy. Its scenery and crib figures, in 18th-century Neapolitan costumes, were produced by artisans in a local workshop. It incorporates vignettes representing the corporal works of mercy, including visiting the sick and imprisoned, burying the dead, and clothing the naked.

“It was this last element that excited the censors at Facebook,” Breitbart said. The manger scene prominently features the figure of a naked man lying on the straw, being offered a cloth by a pilgrim, just opposite where the figure of the baby Jesus will be placed on Christmas Day.

An ad featuring the image of the scene was rejected by Facebook with the following explanation: “Your ad can’t include images that are sexually suggestive or provocative.”