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Venezuelan migrants pose humanitarian problem in Brazil

Countries across Latin America and beyond have received a growing number of Venezuelans fleeing economic hardship, crime and what critics call an increasingly authoritarian government.

The once-prosperous country, home to the world’s largest proven oil reserves, is struggling with a profound recession, widespread unemployment, chronic shortages and inflation that the opposition-led Congress said could soon top 2,000 percent.

At least 125 people died this year amid clashes among government opponents, supporters and police.

As conditions there worsen, nearby cities like Boa Vista are struggling with one of the biggest migrations in recent Latin American history. With limited infrastructure, social services and jobs to offer migrants, Brazilian authorities fear a full-fledged humanitarian crisis.

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La foto viral del oso polar agonizando protagoniza la última noticia falsa ecologista

Según datos de WWF, la población global de oso polar en el Ártico, lejos de verse afectada por el cambio climático, ha aumentado hasta los 30.000 ejemplares. A pesar de todo medios del mundo entero han publicado lo contrario.

US general: Russia and China building space weapons to target US satellites

US general: Adversaries building space weapons 00:46

(CNN)A senior US general said Saturday that countries like Russia and China are actively building weapons that can target space-based US military assets like satellites.

“They’ve been building weapons, testing weapons, building weapons to operate from the earth in space, jamming weapons, laser weapons, and they have not kept it secret,” Gen. John Hyten, the head of US Strategic Command, told an audience at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California.
Heather Wilson, the secretary of the Air Force, said the US needs to embrace a new policy and make it clear that if command and control or warning satellites are targeted, the US “would consider that to be a hostile act” and respond.

Crackdown on Dissent

Brutality, Torture, and Political Persecution in Venezuela

In April 2017, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Venezuela to protest against the government-controlled Supreme Court’s attempt to usurp the powers of the country’s legislative branch. Demonstrations quickly spread throughout the country and continued for months, fueled by widespread discontent with the authoritarian practices of President Nicolás Maduro and the humanitarian crisis that has devastated the country under his watch. The government responded with widespread violence and brutality against anti-government protesters and detainees, and has denied detainees’ due process rights. While it was not the first crackdown on dissent under Maduro, the scope and severity of the repression in 2017 reached levels unseen in Venezuela in recent memory.

Los cardenales Burke, Brandmüller y Müller, y el papa dictador

En las últimas semanas se han publicado tres entrevistas a otros tantos eminentes cardenales. La primera la concedió el pasado 28 de octubre el cardenal Walter Brandmüller a Christian Geyer y Hannes Hintermeier del Frankfurter Allgmeine Zeitung; la segunda la concedió el 14 de noviembre el cardenal Raymond Leo Burke a Edward Pentin del National Catholic Register; y la tercera, del cardenal Gerhard Müller, se publicó el 26 de noviembre en el Corriere della Sera, realizada por Massimo Franco.

El cardenal Brandmüller manifestó su inquietud por la posibilidad de que se produzca una división en la Iglesia.

El cardenal Burke, que ha declarado que se mantiene en contacto con su homólogo Brandmüller, ha hecho una nueva advertencia «sobre la gravedad de una situación que cada vez se vuelve más grave»

Por su parte, el cardenal Müller afirma que hay peligro de que se produzca un cisma en el interior de la Iglesia