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Apoyo a nuestros hermanos católicos perseguidos en China

La posición fundamentalmente anticomunista que resulta de las convicciones católicas de los miembros de nuestras organizaciones se vio fortalecida por la heroica resistencia de la “Iglesia clandestina” china fiel a Roma. Sus obispos, sacerdotes y millones de católicos rehúsan someterse a la así llamada Iglesia Patriótica, cismática en relación a Roma y enteramente sumisa al poder central de Pequín.


Church in China has religious features forcibly demolished

State orders Yining Catholic Church in Xinjiang region to have its crosses, statues and bell towers pulled down

A church in northwest China’s Xinjiang region had its crosses, statues, bell towers and other religious features demolished by order of communist authorities.

Using a crane, state-instructed workers removed the exterior religious features from the Catholic church of Yining city in Urumqi Diocese on Feb. 27.

A source told that no reason was given for the action but it  is believed to have been carried out because the religious features were “incompatible with sinicization.”

Padre Weinandy al Papa: Con esta falsa misericordia se destruye la Iglesia

Hoy, sábado 24 de febrero, él vuelve a la carga con la conferencia que pronunció esta mañana en Sydney, promovida por la Universidad Notre Dame, de Australia.

En ella, el padre Weinandy describe y denuncia el atentado de gravedad sin precedentes que algunas teorías y prácticas “pastorales” alentadas por el papa Francisco están llevando a cabo contra la Iglesia “una, santa, católica y apostólica” y en particular contra la Eucaristía, que es “cima y fuente” de la vida de la Iglesia misma.

Hong Kong Catholics hold prayer vigil to oppose Vatican capitulation to China

HONG KONG, February 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In a clear sign of escalating anxiety, about 200 Hong Kong Catholics gathered for an all night-vigil to pray and express alarm over the Vatican’s pending capitulation to mainland China’s push for more communist control over the Chinese Catholic Church.

“It’s a precarious situation. There’s a real danger of division,” said one priest at the prayer service who asked to remain anonymous, according to a Reuters report.

Those attending the vigil share Hong Kong Cardinal Zen’s concerns.  After visiting the Pope in Rome in late January, the 87 year-old Cardinal minced no words, saying, “So, do I think that the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in China? Yes, definitely.”

Sweden has legalized child marriages For Muslim refugees who come from countries where Sharia was the law of the land

An immigrant crisis of unprecedented proportions has brought with it problems which Sweden hadn’t known previously, such as polygamy and underage brides. Recently, two juvenile immigrant girls in Karlskrona were reported to be staying with their husbands. Neither of the girls was separated from their adult men, even though minors are not allowed to tie the knot in Sweden.

One of the cases involves an underage wife who came to Karlskrona with her husband and a small child. In the other case, the girl was pregnant upon arrival. Despite these obvious violations of Swedish law, Karlskrona Social Committee chairperson Ingrid Hermansson of the Center Party defended the municipality’s decision. The rule of the thumb in such cases, the community acts “for the child’s best” interest.