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On liturgy and orthodoxy, the synod document forgot our voices

We expressed our affection for the Extraordinary Form and the Church’s hard teachings. The official write-up downplayed both

This year’s synod, the 2018 Synod of Bishops on Youth, Faith, and Vocational Discernment is slated to begin in October, but the preparation has already been underway for months.

By and large, members of the Facebook groups voiced a desire for orthodox teaching and reverent liturgy, including specific references to promoting the Extraordinary Form. On the writing prompt concerning the resources in the Church which promote spiritual growth, I counted over almost 30 specifically mentioning the Latin Mass. The basic tenor of the comments was the same: the youth’s ordinary experience of the Sacred Liturgy in the post-conciliar Church left them wanting something “more”, and many of these young people found their desire for transcendence and awe within the Extraordinary Form, a desire that could not be satiated by banal folk music and anthropocentric liturgical behaviour.

Regarding Church doctrine, the vast majority of the youth expressed the importance of right belief, sound moral teaching, and not shying away from some of the hard truths of the Catholic faith. As the period for commenting came to a close, I and several others were confident that the final document would reflect our concerns.

However, when the final document was released and made public, it seemed as if an entire group of the youth was simply ignored.



Mindong, Mons. Guo Xijin fue secuestrado por la policía antes de la Pascua

Junto a él, se llevaron al canciller de la diócesis. A Mons. Guo se le había solicitado dar un paso al costado en su cargo de obispo auxiliar, para dejar el lugar a Mons. Zhan Silu, obispo ilícito y excomulgado.

Mons. Guo, de 59 años, es obispo ordinario de la diócesis, reconocido por el Vaticano, pero no así por el gobierno. En los últimos meses, fue visitado por Mons. Claudio Maria Celli, diplomático vaticano, que le había propuesto dar un paso al costado, dejando la sede de la diócesis a Mons. Vicente Zhan Silu, un obispo excomulgado, pero reconocido por el gobierno. A cambio de ello, Mons. Guo quedaría con el título de obispo auxiliar. El descenso de Mons. Guo, al igual que la presentación de la renuncia de Mons.  Zhuang, obispo de Shantou, fueron aplaudidas como signo de un “histórico” acuerdo entre el gobierno chino y el Vaticano.,-Mons.-Guo-Xijin-fue-secuestrado-por-la-polic%C3%ADa-antes-de-la-Pascua-43462.html

Church in China has religious features forcibly demolished

State orders Yining Catholic Church in Xinjiang region to have its crosses, statues and bell towers pulled down

A church in northwest China’s Xinjiang region had its crosses, statues, bell towers and other religious features demolished by order of communist authorities.

Using a crane, state-instructed workers removed the exterior religious features from the Catholic church of Yining city in Urumqi Diocese on Feb. 27.

A source told that no reason was given for the action but it  is believed to have been carried out because the religious features were “incompatible with sinicization.”

Padre Weinandy al Papa: Con esta falsa misericordia se destruye la Iglesia

Hoy, sábado 24 de febrero, él vuelve a la carga con la conferencia que pronunció esta mañana en Sydney, promovida por la Universidad Notre Dame, de Australia.

En ella, el padre Weinandy describe y denuncia el atentado de gravedad sin precedentes que algunas teorías y prácticas “pastorales” alentadas por el papa Francisco están llevando a cabo contra la Iglesia “una, santa, católica y apostólica” y en particular contra la Eucaristía, que es “cima y fuente” de la vida de la Iglesia misma.

Hong Kong Catholics hold prayer vigil to oppose Vatican capitulation to China

HONG KONG, February 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In a clear sign of escalating anxiety, about 200 Hong Kong Catholics gathered for an all night-vigil to pray and express alarm over the Vatican’s pending capitulation to mainland China’s push for more communist control over the Chinese Catholic Church.

“It’s a precarious situation. There’s a real danger of division,” said one priest at the prayer service who asked to remain anonymous, according to a Reuters report.

Those attending the vigil share Hong Kong Cardinal Zen’s concerns.  After visiting the Pope in Rome in late January, the 87 year-old Cardinal minced no words, saying, “So, do I think that the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in China? Yes, definitely.”